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A Visit to Estrutural: #CloseDumpsites' First Major Success

22 Mar 2018 -

As ISWA proudly reported last week, Estrutural finally closed on 20th January 2018, representing the first major success in ISWA’s initiative to improve human health and wellbeing by closing waste dumpsites.   


The experiences of the Federal District in Brazil in the closure of the Estrutural dumpsite and the opening of the Brasília Sanitary Landfill will be presented to participants of the ISWA 2018 World Congress in October in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Visiting the former dumpsite this week was Chair of ISWA’s Landfill Working Group and acting STC Chair, the environmental engineer Luis Marinheiro.
According to Mr Marinheiro, the goal is that the successful closure of the Estrutural dumpsite and the construction of the new landfill serve as an example for other cities in the world.
"ISWA has participated and will continue to support this meritorious initiative, which led to the closure of one of the largest dumps in the world, more precisely the second, on a list of 50 that the association studied and mapped," said Marinheiro, from Portugal. He is also there to participate in ISWA’s activities at the  and also the 8th World Water Forum in Brasilia.
ISWA is among the five entities that signed a document that establishes a commitment to monitor local government actions in relation to waste management at the inauguration of the Brasilia Sanitary Landfill.
In addition to ISWA, representatives of the Brazilian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering (Abes) and the Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering (Aidis), who also signed the agreement, were visiting this Tuesday.
Before visiting the site, the group attended a presentation by the president of the Urban Cleaning Service (SLU), Mrs. Kátia Campos, about the government actions that culminated in the closure of the activities of the dump of Estrutural, with the incorporation of waste pickers .
"It is important for this group to follow developments and help us assess the directions we are taking," said Katia.


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