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ISWA's Roadmap

Closing down a dumpsite is neither a simple nor an easy task. It requires an alternative waste management system, so it requires adequate planning, institutional and administrative capacity, financial resources, social support and finally political consensus.  All of these conditions are really difficult and sometimes impossible to be met in countries where dumpsites are the dominant method of waste disposal and level of governance quality is questionable. 


The report “A Roadmap for closing waste dumpsites” provides the guidance required, to each and every local authority or government, for the process and procedures required to close a dumpsite and develop an alternative sound waste management system.


The roadmap is available in three different versions, a long version, comprehensive summary and short folder, all of which you can read online and download below (click on the cover image to view the publication). 



ISWA's Roadmap to Closing Waste Dumpsites
Executive Summary to ISWA's Roadmap
Folder: ISWA's #closedumpsites Initiative