Case Studies

The Governor of The Federal District / Brazil and Board from he Regional Waste Authority with ISWA representatives

Over the coming months and years ISWA will be compiling an extensive collection of case studies on dumpsite closures. Our campaign demands the closure of dumpsites, but this must be done properly in a sustainable manner with maximum societal benefit. As more and more dumpsites are closed, we will report on them here and provide you with the know-how in order to assist you with such projects. 


Whilst currently limited, we hope to be able to provide you with more in the future as our campaign progresses. 


We urge you to get in contact if you have any case studies or examples of dumpsite closures in your region.


Like the knowledge base, some items may require you to login to the ISWA Knowledge Base to download the article.

Case Studies


Source / Link

Year/Country & Type

Waste Management Outlook for Mountain Regions - Sources and Solutions

ISWA Knowledge Base

2016 / Mountainos Regions / Report

State of the Nation Report - landfilling practices and regulation in different countries

ISWA Knowledge Base

2012 / International / Report & Manual

From open dumps to sanitary landfills - the Israeli approach

ISWA Knowledge Base

2005 / Israel / Presentation

CDM project Addis Ababa Landfill


2013 / Ethiopia / Report

Development of Landfill Operation and Management in Developing Countries: an Indonesian Case Study

Waste Management & Research

2017 / Indonesia / Academic Article

Injury Time for Indonesian Landfills

Waste Management World

2017 / Indonesia / Report

Closing the Estrutural Dumpsite: One of the Largest in Latin America

Waste Management World

2017 / Brazil / Report