How can you get Involved?

Workers at a dumpsite in Philippines

ISWA is calling on you to support it's campaign to #closedumpsites. Our goal is that all dumpsites are replaced by safe and sensible alternatives as soon as possible. 


No matter your profession, even if you are not directly involved in waste, this matters and affects you. Almost everybody is affected directly or indirectly by dumpsites. That’s why we urge you to get involved, back our campaign and support us in our attempts to close the world's biggest dumpsites. Together we can help create a global movement.


Here's how you can help:


Sign Our Declaration

1. Sign Our Declaration

Our declaration calls for the closure, as soon as possible, of the world's 50 largest dumpsites. It also demands the closure of all dumpsites by 2030. The declaration, available in English, Portuguese and Spanish, can be read and signed here.

Help Raise Awareness

2. Help Raise Awareness

ISWA is campaigning on Twitter and Facebook. Follow us, share the link to our declaration and website using the hashtag #closedumpsites - Social Media are hugely influential and can help get campaigns off the ground - let's get it trending!

Provide Case Studies

3. Provide Case Studies

We need more examples & case studies of successful dumpsite closures. As part of our objective to support dumpsite closures, we aim to consolidate as many examples into our knowledge base in order to assist cities in finding proper, long term safe and sensible solutions. Please send any such studies to the ISWA General Secretariat and use "Closedumpsites Case Studies" in the subject line.

Support the ISWA Scholarship Programme


ISWA is #tradingtrashforeducation by preparing and educating next generation youths who would otherwise follow their parent’s footsteps into working on the dumpsite. The ISWA Scholarship Programme has, until now, taken 45 children away from sorting trash in the dumpsites of Nueva Vida and La Chureca in Nicaragua and is providing them with a sustainable, long-term education.


Read more about the work ISWA is doing in Nicaragua and find out how you can sponsor children here. 


See the photo album below for some pictures of a recent visit to Nicaragua by ISWA President Antonis Mavropoulos.