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ISWA’s #CloseDumpsites initiative is calling for the closure of the world’s most polluted places. Dumpsites kill. Dumpsites spread pollutants across our atmosphere and our oceans. Dumpsites damage our health and environment.


ISWA’s goal is not only to play an active part in the closure of dumpsites, but also to ensure that the final closure of a dumpsite is supported by a system of infrastructure, by putting more sustainable alternatives in place, together with an integrated waste management plan, institutional and administrative capacity, financial resources and social support for the people living on the dumpsites.


ISWA will therefore support municipalities and governments, who are looking to make the positive step towards closing dumpsites in favour of more sustainable alternatives, in all of these matters. 


Closing the world’s dumpsites is not just about fixing waste problems, it is a matter of protecting public health and our environment, improving the quality of our lives and making the world a better place to live.


Now is the time to work together, to protect people’s livelihoods and the environment they depend upon.


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