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New report by the BBC Highlights the Tragic Conditions of a Ghanaian Dumpsite

8 Jan 2016 -

As highlighted by ISWA on numerous occasions, the global dumpsite situation is a tragedy which needs to be urgently addressed. 

A report by the BBC, focussing on e-waste dumping in Ghana, gives more prominence to this issue. The dumpsite in Accra, Ghana is among "the most polluted places on Earth" as a result of the amounts of electronic waste being dumped such as computers and televisions. 


Such dumpsites become a place of work for many young people who risk their lives scavenging through the dangerous and polluted collections of e-waste. It may be lucrative for some, but the health risks are incredibly high with toxic substances including mercury and lead being found in the e-waste residues. The report points to the manufactures in the west to explain why so many electronic products find their way to such places. You can read the article in full on the BBC website.


For those familiar with ISWA's recent report, Wasted Health: The Tragic Case of Dumpsites, this is not a new tragedy but is one that must be addressed urgently.


You can read more on the subject in our ground-breaking report here. 




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