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Game of Thrones Star Signs ISWA's Declaration

Tom Wlaschiha of Game of Thrones has endorsed ISWA's campaign to #closedumpsites

9 Jan 2017 -

This year ISWA is campaigning to close the world's biggest dumpsites and we are delighted that a number of high-profile individuals, including Tom Wlaschiha of Game of Thrones (pictured left) have declared their support.


Dumpsites represent a global health and environmental emergency and we are determined to do as much as possible to ensure their closure. Closing the world’s 50 biggest dumpsites is an essential step forward in saving the health and wellbeing of hundreds of millions affected by the polluting practice as well as protecting the future of everyone on this planet. Take a look at our infographic to the left to see the shocking facts behind our latest report (click to expand).


We are calling on the support of everyone to sign our declaration and show their support for our campaign: individuals, students, companies and politicians. 


Until now, a number of high profile individuals have endorsed our campaign by signing the declaration, including Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones),  the Vice-Minister of Environment for Ecuador, the Minister of the Environment for Bolivia and various other parliamentarians, company directors and philanthropists.


But we need the support of everyone! We therefore urge you to take a look at our declaration, which states our call to close the world's biggest dumpsites, and add your name to our list of signatures here. The declaration is available in English, French and Portuguese. 


Once you have signed it, please share it on social media and tag ISWA in Facebook & Twitter and use the hashtag #closedumpsites. Let's get it trending! 

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