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Closing The World's Biggest Dumpsites: Executive Summary now Available

10 Mar 2017 -

In September last year, ISWA released it's ground-breaking report on the shocking conditions of the world's 50 biggest dumpsites: "A Roadmap for Closing Waste Dumpsites: The World's Most Polluted Places", providing guidance to local authorities and governments on closing dumpsites and replacing them with sound waste management systems.


The report paved the way for our #closedumpsites initiative which has sparked significant interest amongst the waste and wider community.


We are therefore pleased to announce that an executive summary has been produced to compliment the report, comprehensively outlining the key messages of the roadmap which can be disseminated easily amongst decision makers and key stakeholders.


You can read a copy of the new executive summary on our #closedumpsites website here.

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