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David Biderman on #closedumpsites in The Washington Post

21 Mar 2017 -

ISWA's #closedumpsites initiative, in which we are calling for the closure of the world's biggest dumpsites, is gaining a lot of traction. If you haven't already signed our declaration, we urge you to do so here. 


This week, ISWA National Member Representative David Biderman (United States/Canada, SWANA) wrote to the editor of the Washington Post in response to last week's tragedy in Ethiopia where at least 113 people died in the collapse of a dumpsite. You can read his full comments here. 


ISWA's #closedumpsites initiative will be one of the key focuses of the 2017 ISWA World Congress in Baltimore MD, United States. Register now to learn more and actively participate in conversations and help further the dialogue on strategies that will ultimately help ISWA reach the goal of closing the 50 biggest dumpsites.


See more on registration and the programme here. #notimetowaste 

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