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Sahadat Hossain on the ISWA-SWIS Winter School

In just one month, the 3rd Winter School starts and we are expecting another great cadre of participants from around the world. In fact, more than 60 waste management professionals and students from fifty-two countries participated in the Winter Schools of 2016 and 2017 at the Solid Waste Institute for Sustainability (SWIS) in Texas, USA. Director of the School, Sahadat Hossain, tells us more.

1 Dec 2017 -

The two-week long training is delivered with both in-class at the University of Texas in Arlington and hands-on training on landfill design and operation for developing economies at the nearby landfills.


In January 2016, SWIS and ISWA partnered up to collaborate on the ISWA-SWIS Winter School. Our primary intention is to offer students a comprehensive overview of sustainable waste management and landfill operations.  It is a unique programme with 27 topics covered and 30 speakers - including local, national and international waste management professionals and academics. Its further enhanced by highlighting potential entrepreneurial opportunities in various waste management sectors.


Landfill Site Visit and Hands-on Training
The ISWA-SWIS Winter School is the only training programme that offers hands-on experience on landfill operation. The participants visit facilities of the City of Denton and City of Irving Landfill, collect fresh waste from the working phase, and characterize the samples in the laboratory. Participants can also operate different landfill equipment in the landfill (- with proper supervision of course!).

The training culminates in a panel discussion where experts share their perspectives on global, national and local waste management practices. This combination of academic, practical and commercial perspectives is well received. Together with international colleagues and social activities – it makes for a memorable experience!


Get a feel from the participants, in this short video!


Established in January of 2015, the Solid Waste Institute for Sustainability (SWIS) is an Organized Research Center of Excellence (ORCE) at the University of Texas in Arlington, Texas, USA. The mission of SWIS is to promote clean and healthy urban cities through sustainable waste management practices. SWIS works in partnership with City of Denton and the City of Irving, Texas, USA, the City of Addis Ababa (Capital of Ethiopia), and the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA).


Scholarship Opportunities
Often the training is needed in countries where it is lest available or by those who can least afford it. At SWIS, we want to make such necessary training available more accessible. In the past two years, SWIS has awarded 40 Winter School scholarships to young professionals and researchers. Recipients are selected through an essay competition on sustainable solid waste management. The best essays being published in the Winter School proceedings: http://www.uta.edu/swis/publication.html 


Commitment to an Intense Learning Experience
There has also been an exceptional level of interest from solid waste professionals and students to attend the Winter School and pay their own way too. More than 200 applications have been received from 75 different countries so far, with an overwhelming response and interest from developing countries.   SWIS wants to respond to this need and has offered 30 scholarships for the upcoming ISWA-SWIS Winter School of 2018.


Its highly relevant training at a time where unmanaged dumpsites are a major threat to health and safety and pertinent to the ISWA’s #CloseDumpsites campaign.


Click here for more information on the ISWA-SWIS Winter School January 15-26, 2018 at the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, the City of Denton, Texas and the City of Irving, Texas. Deadline for Winter School Registration is 15th December, 2017

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