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President's Blog | Guest Entry from the Argentine Ministry of Environment

Luis Lehmann has written a guest blog on behalf of our National Member in Argentina. Luis is the National Director of Integrated Waste Management within the Argentine Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.


In the blog Luis explains why the government are focusing their policy on human health and the closure of dumpsites.

9 May 2017 -

The Argentine Government that started in December 2015 prompts a new policy on Integral Waste Management that seeks to reorient the way in which systems are managed, and programs and activities are carried out by the Ministry. This policy is oriented by the Zero Open Dump Program.


The new policy seeks to improve the health of the population, the state of the environment, conservation of natural resources and the effectiveness of integral solid waste systems to prevent, reduce, valorize, recycle and reduce final disposal. The ways to achieve those goals are the new approach to consider waste as resources, the implementation of more rational and sustainable regional management systems, the implementation of national communication and education campaigns to rises population awareness, and the strengthen of municipal and regional operating teams that carry out the programs.


The objective of the Zero Basement Program is to accelerate the closure of all open dumps still operative in many localities in Argentina, reduce the amount of waste sent to final disposal, increase the amount of recycled materials, and modernize traditional municipal solid waste systems currently in operation.


To solve this situation, new and more rational regional management systems are being designed and implemented, to be more efficient in the recovery, collection and transportation of waste, making a more efficient use of investments in sanitary landfills. During new Government┬┤s first year, 4 works of Environmental Complexes have been tendered (two of them have already been allocated and two others are already in the bidding process) and another four projects are in the process to finalize the executive projects, that are required to start bidding processes. All of them involve the closure of open dumps in those localities.


Lic. Luis Lehmann

Director Nacional de Gesti├│n Integral de Residuos

Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable

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